Provide Long-Lasting, Natural Chewing Satisfaction with Yakers Natural Dog Chews

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Provide your dog with a safe, natural chew made from sustainable resources with Yakers Natural Chews. Made from free-range, grass-fed yak and cowhide, Yakers chews deliver long-lasting chewing satisfaction for dogs. Yakers selects only the highest-quality hides and carefully crafts each chew with your dog’s health and wellness in mind. For an all-natural, protein-packed chew that supports dental health, Yakers Natural Chews are an excellent choice.

All-Natural, Single Ingredient

Yakers chews contain only one ingredient – free-range, pasture-raised hide:

  • Made from either yak or cowhide, single-ingredient chews are allergy-friendly.
  • Hide is antibiotic- and hormone-free for meat more fit for human consumption.
  • Hide is slowly air or sun-dried to preserve nutrients. No artificial additives.
  • Packaged using non-toxic methods. No chemical softeners, bleaches or dyes.

Long-Lasting and Tough

Yakers Natural Chews stand up to the most determined chewers:

  • Made from thick, durable free-range hide that lasts for weeks.
  • Hide can be digested but not eaten in chunks – ideal for longer-lasting chew.
  • Larger Chews for enthusiastic chewers have natural handles for long-term chewing.
  • Smaller Chews for moderate chewers provide flavor and texture for shorter periods.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Yakers Natural Dog Chews offer many benefits to support whole-body health:

  • Relieves Boredom and Anxiety. Provides mental stimulation for hours.
  • Supports Dental Health.Chewing scrapes away tartar and plaque.
  • Improves Digestion.Chewing produces saliva which contains enzymes to help break down food.
  • Delivers Protein.Hides are digestible sources of protein and amino acids.

For natural chewing satisfaction that also optimizes health, Yakers Natural Dog Chews are an ideal choice. Always supervise your dog with any chew treat and provide appropriately sized chews based on your dog’s weight, age and chewing ability.


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