Yakers Dog Chews: All-Natural Chewing Satisfaction, Now 30% Off!

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Yakers makes premium dog chews from free-range, grass-fed cow ears, tails, femurs and water buffalo parts. Their all-natural chews provide long-lasting enjoyment for teething puppies and aggressive chewers while improving dental health. For Prime Day, Yakers is offering 30% off their most popular dog chew bundles so your pup can gnaw their anxiety and boredom away for less.

Single-Ingredient, Dogs Chews

Yakers dog chews contain just one ingredient: free-range cattle ear, tail or femur. Their water buffalo chews are made from the tails and femurs of grass-fed water buffalo. These single-source chews have no additives, chemicals or extra processing. As natural, minimally treated parts, Yakers chews have natural abrasion to scrape away tartar as dogs chew. Their chewy, robust textures satisfy dogs for hours and relieve teething pain or the urge to chew.

For Dogs of All Sizes, Ages and Chewing Intensity

Yakers offers chews suited for any dog from puppies to large breeds. Braided bully sticks and jumbo ear chews provide aggressive chewers a serious challenge. Munchy twists and chips work for moderate chewers. Their split tails and jerkies are ideal for smaller jaws or teething puppies. No matter your dog’s chewing temperament or drive, Yakers has a chew to match their enthusiasm while supporting dental health.

Sustainably and Ethically Sourced

Yakers dog chews originate from free-range cattle farms in South America where animals are raised sustainably and humanely. These premium parts are minimally treated and slowly air-dried to maintain maximum nutrition and natural texture. Yakers’ environmental and sustainable business practices ensure you’re choosing an earth-friendly brand that puts animal welfare first.

Save 30% on Prime Day Best Sellers

For Prime Day, Yakers is offering 30% off the following customer favorites:

  • Bully Bundle (1 braided bully stick, 2 jumbo ears, 2 chips): Was $39.99, Now $27.99
  • Teething Puppy Pack (2 split tails, 2 jerkies, 1 munchy twist): Was $24.99, Now $17.49
  • Mega Chew Buffalo Bundle (1 mega chew, 1 chip, 1 munchy pack): Was $43.99, Now $30.79

Satisfaction starts within. For dogs, contentment lies in constructively channeling instinct to chew. Yakers all-natural dog chews provide challenge and dental benefits for idle paws and anxious moments alike. This Prime Day, treat your faithful companion to ethical, sustainable distraction and relief at 30% less. Together find solace and bonding in the simple moments where wanderlust withdraws and calm endures. Four legs or two, seek pleasures that nourish and soothe – life’s more meaning and delight when from within we chew!


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