Yakers Dog Chews: All-Natural, Digestible and Long-Lasting Chews for Your Dog

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Yakers are natural dog chews made from yak and cow milk. Sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, yak milk is rich in nutrients like protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. By combining yak and cow milk and aging the curds, Yakers are created as a hard, long-lasting chew that is fully digestible and nutritious for dogs. Free from additives and preservatives, Yakers provide mental and dental benefits in an all-natural, handcrafted chew.

Benefits of Yakers Dog Chews

The benefits of Yakers dog chews include:

  • Long-lasting – Yakers can keep dogs occupied chewing for hours. Their hard, durable texture lasts much longer than most chews.
  • Natural and digestible – Made from just yak and cow milk, curds, and cultures. Fully digestible and high in nutrients. Free from chemicals, additives and byproducts.
  • Mental stimulation – Chewing provides mental exercise and enrichment, satisfying dogs natural urge to chew while combating boredom and anxiety.
  • Dental health – The hard, textured surface of Yakers helps scrape away tartar and plaque as dogs chew, helping to prevent dental problems.
  • Protein source – Yakers contain essential amino acids, providing a protein boost to a dog’s diet.
  • Unique, natural flavor – The blend of yak and cow milk gives Yakers a distinct, semi-sweet flavor most dogs find irresistible.

Choosing Yakers for Your Dog

Yakers come in different shapes, colors and sizes based on a dog’s weight and chewing habits. When choosing Yakers for your dog:

  • Consider your dog’s size and go up a size for aggressive chewers. Yakers for larger size dogs and power chewers are denser and last longer.
  • Supervise dogs at first to ensure they do not bite off or swallow chunks that could cause GI blockage or upset.
  • Select a shape that suits your dog’s chewing style. Twisted shapes are good for dogs that lick more, while sticks and femurs work well for chomping chewers.
  • Try a variety pack to determine your dog’s favorite. Once found, larger packs in that variety are more economical.
  • Only provide 2-3 Yakers per week based on your dog’s weight, age and energy level. Though fully digestible, moderation is best.

Yakers premium dog chews provide natural mental and dental benefits for dogs of all ages, sizes and chewing temperaments. Made sustainably through a traditional crafting process, Yakers are a high-quality, handcrafted chew option that both dogs and owners can feel good about.


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